About us

Lou Lou is an ode to French culture, lifestyle and cuisine. In this place, as the French say, you will want to come only “se mettre sur son trente et un”, in order to enjoy all the delights of life in a carefree atmosphere of light humor and charm.
The interior of the restaurant combines the best epochs in the history of France. For a moment refined, unusual, and sometimes eccentric. Elegance and attention to detail are perfectly combined here.
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A real guide to gastronomic hedonism. It combines the best French specialties: foie gras, artichokes, truffle and fresh seafood.


The cocktail menu is created in the format of a collection of scents, whose aromas are associated with Lou Lou's most important memories of France.


The restaurant has a spacious wine room with more than 750 bottles, and the map itself has 300 items with an emphasis on French and Old World wines.


Lou Lou desserts are a kind of tribute to fashion with their classic images and motifs. On the dessert menu you can find a classic creme brulee, a Pavlova dessert in the author's reading, or a bookcase with branded French desserts.